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This section provides the most recent economic forecasts issued by different institutions.


Summary of Forecasts Forecasts by Institution


Summary of Forecasts

Summary of forecasts issued by different institutions
Table(s) - 21 March 2014
Excerpt from: Short-term Economic Indicators nr. 12-2014

GEE - Office for Strategy and Studies

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Forecasts by Institution

Outlook for the Portuguese Economy: 2013-2015
Report - 10 December 2014
Excerpt from: Economic Bulletin Winter 2013 (in Portuguese)

Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)

World Economic Outlook - April 2014
Report - 08 April 2014

IMF - International Monetary Fund

Projections for the Portuguese Economy: 2014-2016
Analysis - 26 March 2014

Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)

Economic Projections - March 2014 (in Portuguese)
Report - 26 March 2014

Banco de Portugal (Portuguese Central Bank)

European Economic Forecast, Winter 2014
Report - 25 February 2014

EC - European Commission

Portugal - European Economic Forecast, Winter 2014
Analysis - 25 February 2014
Excerpt from: European Economic Forecast, Winter 2014

EC - European Commission

OECD forecasts November 2013
Chart(s) and table(s) - 19 November 2013

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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